BFS AppWright Login Help


If you are having trouble logging into AppWright with your User Name and password, please review these below tips that will help you with your issue.  If not, contact AppWright Help for further help.


Š       The AppWright Password is case sensitive

Š       For almost all users, your AppWright User Name and Password will always match your Computer/Email User Name and Password (Not OnLine) even when it is changed.

Š       Make sure that the AppWright Login Web Address is the following and nothing more:

Š       If your Computer/Email Password is expired, you will need to update it before you can log into AppWright.


If you use Internet Explorer’s AutoComplete Password Feature to remember and complete passwords as shown below you need to resave the password whenever your AppWright/Computer password is changed.


Description: 24 iMac :Users:gatorcyc:Desktop:appwrightlogin2.jpg


If your User Name and Password automatically show up when you first go to the AppWright website as shown below, you have the AutoComplete feature active and need to retype the password whenever it is changed.  IE will ask you that the password is now different than the one currently saved in IE and do you want to replace it.  You would select yes.

Description: 24 iMac :Users:gatorcyc:Desktop:appwrightlogin1.jpg


Login Error Descriptions


ERROR: Failed to validate user: The User Name does not exist in the system or is not active.


ERROR: LDAP Authentication error: Permission denied: Your AppWright login is linked to your Computer/Email Password and the password you tried to use does not match your Computer/Email Password. (Internal Users Only)


ERROR: Failed to validate password: Your AppWright login is not linked to your Computer/Email Password and the password you tried to use does not match the AppWright password that is saved in the system.